Welcome to our Branch for Laboratory Services

Our branch for laboratory products has founded at 2004, Since that date we tries our best to cover a various sections of diagnostic and laboratory fields, We supply both private and governmental laboratories with the best quality lab supplies ”equipment, plastics, chemicals” from all around the world.

Based on our beliefs that right diagnostic leads to the fast recovery, and the first quality tools enhance the most important researches, for that our top priority was to provide the highest precision lab equipment’s.

Our highly requested Lab products are:

Plastic Ware


-Centrifuge tubes-
-Micro-centrifuge tubes-
-Serological pipette-
-Fixed and variable Micro-pipette-
-Culture flask-
-Multi-well plate (ELISA, cell culture)-

Cell Culture

Cell culture


Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology

-DNA amplification-
-Restriction enzyme-
-Nucleic acid purification-



-Nutrient media-
-Basic reagents and additives-
-Antibiotics and antimycotics-

Laboratory appliances


-Autoclave, oven, incubator, centrifuge, mixer, stirrer and more-

Molecular biology devices

Molecular biology devices

-Thermal cycler-
-Real time cycler-
-Horizontal and vertical electrophoresis system-
-Genetic analyzer-